Master of Science in Information Technology Management

Minimum: 35 credit hours

ITM501 Information Technology Project and Team Management (3)
ITM505 Applied Learning Experience (1)-This course must be taken each semester of enrollment. It must be taken a minimum of 5 times.
ITM520 Communicating in the Global Marketplace (3)
ITM530 Information and Network Systems and Security (3)
ITM540 Incident Response and Business Continuity (3)
ITM550 Emerging IT Trends and Technology (3)
ITM565 Information Technology Strategic Planning (3)
ITM570 Leadership and Governance in IT (3)
ITM580 Talent Development (3)
ITM585 Legal and Ethical Issues in IT (3)
ITM595 Introduction to Business Intelligence (3)

Students may take a maximum of 7 credit hours per semester. Most students take two 3 hours courses, and ITM505, each semester.

With the exception of ITM505, courses are taken in numerical order.

Last updated: 08/07/2023