ED574 Directed Clinical Experience II

The student must complete 150 hours of directed clinical experience at the advanced level.  This course is the terminal course of the student’s program. This is a clinical experience in either an elementary or secondary school placement* for a minimum of 100 clock hours divided into the required number of hours per leadership domain and 50 clock hours completed at the discretion of the program and candidate divided among the leadership domains.  During the course, the students will participate in clinical experiences to explore various domains of school leadership and study the implications of effective school leadership.  A Professional Portfolio component will be the vehicle for the documentation of the student’s achievement of competency in the Missouri Standards for Educational Leaders which will be completed as part of this course.

Students may wish to take an incomplete in this course at the end of the semester to continue with clinical hours in the next semester in order to meet the 150-hour requirement, but all assignments are due at the end of the 16-week course. 

*Your major placement (200 hours total in ED573 and ED574) should be at the grade level you prefer, are currently working in, etc. The minor placement (100 hours total in ED573 and 574) would be the other grade level.

Credit hours: 3.0

Additional Prerequisites / Conditions:

Last updated: 08/07/2023